A Digital Health Innovation Network

Addressing An Industry Problem

Meaningful connection is the difference between a won or lost opportunity for a person or project. In emerging markets, grassroots movements need ways of ‘self assembling’ to create momentum and build into powerful ecosystems with the potential to impact the world. However, in a noisy, multi-channel and dynamic world, finding your tribe and activating an ecosystem is a major challenge.

The digital health industry is an emerging industry at the cross-section of medicine, business and technology. After leading a digital health innovation network for 4 years, I realised that the ecosystem needs a central platform to connect and engage all stakeholders. A platform that values each player’s unique needs and enables their success.


DigitalHealthX is an innovation platform for the health sector. We aim to connect professionals, companies and industry stakeholders with a shared interest in healthcare, research, and business in an industry specific engagement platform.

Our vision is to improve innovation outcomes through the intersection
(‘X’) of all players in a centralised ecosystem. Our belief is that improving connectivity, discoverability and learning is vital in complex industries. This is one step towards moving the world forward and creating impact.


Meet the team behind DigitalHealthX

Julian Hooper

Product Manager

April Lisonbee

Head of Marketing

Jessie Wong

Marketing Manager