Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

When will DigitalHealthX launch?

We are gathering interest at this point and developing partnerships. We aim to launch by mid 2018. We are currently taking expressions of interest and prelaunch deposits from all companies. Please let register to show your support.

Where are you based?

We aim to connect the digital health sector globally as this is a world-wide market where visibility for all players is important for innovation and education. So no matter your location we welcome you. In future, we will create more location specific content and network capabilities.

How effective is marketing through DigitalHealthX?

We aim to be a central site to connect the digital health ecosystem and share news. Our network is expanding globally with decision makers from all domains in healthcare. As we scale, your message will reach an industry specific audience. We believe this is vital in shaping conversation on healthcare.

How can I earn money through DigitalHealthX?

Our roadmap includes features to enable education providers, industry specialists and marketing partners to generate revenue through sales and services. Register and stay in touch for more information.

Will you cater for students?

Yes, we encourage students to register to DigitalHealthX. We will provide annual discounts for students who meet our age and academic program criteria. Please request your academic faculty to get in touch to establish a partnership.

What discounts do you provide to the network?

We provide discounts to partner events, conferences, industry reports and educational content to our network. In addition, we discount job advertising, PR submissions and submission of tenders to the network. The discounts all add-up over the year to over $500 per person. What's more you save a lot of time in finding the companies, jobs, products and content you need. That's invaluable.

Do you help with angel and VC fund-raising for startups?

This is something we are currently considering as there are many investors and startups in our network. Please create a profile to stay abreast of what's coming in future.

What discount do you provide to non-profits?

In the furture we plan to provide an annual discount of 15% for non-profits if they pay annually.

How can I support DigitalHealthX?

We want to grow our network globally. If you can share our network, advise on growth, or partner with us it will help us grow. Please get in touch with us.