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MediRecords partners with Queensland Health

Clinical Decision Support 27 June 2018

In April 2018 MediRecords partnered with Queensland Health to provide a Practice Management Enterprise Solution (PMES) to 15 Hospital and Health Services (HHSs) across Queensland.

MediRecords, a cloud-based SaaS clinical and practice management solution, will be rolled out in rural, regional and metropolitan areas offering private practice services operating under Granted Private Practice (GPP) arrangements.

MediRecords will be used by over 2,500 administrators and practice managers to provide billing and claiming services across all Medical Benefits Scheme (MBS) item codes excluding pathology for over 5,000 medical officers. Several HHSs will also fully utilise the MediRecords Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and Scheduling modules developed to the latest eHealth

On the company’s success, CEO and Founder of MediRecords Matthew Galetto said: “We are incredibly proud and humbled to be chosen by Queensland Health to deliver on its SaaS and Cloud Computing Strategy by advancing healthcare for consumers, clinicians and the Queensland community. The decision to move to the cloud across the HHS network is a milestone occasion not just for MediRecords but for the Australian medical software industry as innovators enter the market and replace legacy software products that no longer meet the demands of modern day healthcare delivery. Our business is 100% committed to executing on this opportunity. With offices currently in Sydney and Brisbane, we are looking for rapid expansion to the other major cities”.

MediRecords will be establishing a dedicated SaaS cloud environment whilst configuring the system to meet Queensland Health functional specifications and integration requirements.

MediRecords will be piloted in one HHS by mid-year prior to a roll out across the entire state to the remaining HHSs over a 6-month period.

MediRecords will be migrating data from the legacy PMS PractiX, as well as providing product training and delivering support to all 15 HHSs.

About MediRecords
MediRecords is the next generation of clinical and practice management software that is transforming the delivery of healthcare servicing in Australia. Connecting health professionals and patients with a suite of integrated products, MediRecords improves patient care while reducing associated costs of outdated technology. Developed from the ground up to harness the power of the cloud, MediRecords is available as a SaaS solution for SMB’s or as a dedicated platform service for larger corporates and institutions.

MediRecords has built an enterprise-calibre solution on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform applying Australian eHealth standards to deliver healthcare securely in the cloud. The MediRecords system allows larger corporates and institutions such as Queensland Health to enhance, integrate and manage a dedicated PMS/EMR solution strategy but without the overhead of building and maintaining costly application infrastructure. It’s an efficient way for business leaders to build on a customised software solution to suit their growing organisation.


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