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Power up your Telehealth Clinic with Coviu

HealthTech 31 August 2018

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Hi Everyone at DigitalHealthX and Welcome to the Coviu Newsletter for August 2018.

We have had a great month with the addition of Linzi into our Customer Connect Team in Sydney. Linzi speaks fluent tech, health and customer engagement. She has the skills and the training to help your practice grow by powering-up video consultations with your patients.

Linzi would love to reach out to everyone who has any questions on how to best implement Telehealth for clinical practice and can be reached at Linzi@coviu.com.

NEW FEATURE: Coviu Video Consultations – Consent Forms.

screenshot of add ons

Many of our Coviu users have been asking about the need to get patient consent for delivering their services via Telehealth. When a patient books a Coviu video consultation, you can certainly assume that they understand that the video consultation is delivered via a digital means and may not fully provide all the depth of an in-person consult. However, sometimes it’s better to just remind them that this is the case. So we’ve made two types if consent forms available to you:

  • General Coviu Telehealth video consultation form – Free to use
  • Customisable Telehealth consent form – for a flat $5 a month, you can activate from your account.

The configurable Coviu Telehealth consent form allows you to replace the default text with your custom text.

screenshot of informed consent information

Before a patient enters their Coviu video consultation, they will click through the consent form and thus consent to the Telehealth delivery format. The consent will not be tracked by Coviu, because we don’t keep any patient data. The extra confidence is that you can now rest assured that all patients have consented before joining a video consultation.

For more info on consent forms please contact Jo@coviu.com .

NEW FEATURE: Video Consultations Bandwidth Controls


When connected via Coviu Telehealth, the video consultation automatically adapts its bandwidth to use what is available on the connection. Coviu will automatically reach 1Mbps per video, but still delivers a clear consultation at 350Kbps.

Coviu has been able to support video consultations on bandwidth connections as low as 100Kbps with great success and still enabling the use of your favourite features.

For more information on bandwidth controls please contact Dr. Silvia Pfeiffer at Silvia@coviu.com.

screenshot allowing user to select video quality

There are situations where you simply have to connect to somebody on a very low bandwidth connection and Coviu has you covered!

If you ever do experience packet loss or blurriness during your consultation, we have a new built in solution that will help you with this.

You can find this in the “Settings” section by clicking on the cog icon, top left of the video consultation. Here you can manually change the bandwidth during the session to immediately stabilise any bandwidth issues.







October is set to be a huge month for our team, we will be out and about at the best health conferences in Australia. Linzi will meet you in Canberra for the AAPM and Silvia will meet you in Darwin for SFT and RMA. Any Sydney siders: we will also be at the Wild Health Summit – so please come and say hi!

logos of contributor organisations Wild Health, DP18, AAPM, SFT-18, Rural Medicine

👨🏻‍⚕️The RACGP Annual Conference will deliver an extraordinary range of topics and issues that sit at the heart of general practice. Held on the Gold Coast on the 11-13 October 2018 #GP18gc

⛑The Australian Association of Practice Management where you can meet Linzi, will be held in Canberra on the 16-19 October 2018, #AAPM_National

👩‍⚕️Successes and failures in Telehealth SFT-18 is the 9th Annual Meeting of the Australasian Telehealth Society taking place in Darwin.
Dr Silvia Pfeiffer, our CEO, is hosting a Telehealth Workshop there from 22-24 of October 2018: #SFT18

🌴Right after at the Darwin Convention Centre from 25 – 27 October 2018 is the Rural Doctors Association + ACRRM which is the peak national event for rural and remote doctors of Australia and internationally.

Once again Dr Silvia Pfeiffer will be there – so please come and say hi. #RMA18

🐯 Health Summit 2018 – 20th November @ The Seymour Centre, Sydney – Three global thought leaders and 20+ of Australia’s most influential CXOs in hospital, technology, and primary care come together to debate how we can transform Australia’s healthcare system smarter, faster, better. #WildHealthSummit.



And as always: don’t hesitate to contact us for the latest Coviu features – we’re busy adding more workflow and business features to allow you to scale your telehealth business.

Book a demo with me today at https://meetings.hubspot.com/linzi

I look forward to showing you around Coviu!

Photo of customer success manager

Linzi Fine
Customer Success Manager


Silvia Pfeiffer

CEO of Coviu, a cloud application focused on enabling healthcare providers to set up video consultation services for patients. Coviu's focus is to take away all the technical overhead from introducing a telehealth service. This includes all the challenges involved in integrating with existing workflows as well as integrating rich clinical tools into the live consult. Silvia has more than 16 years of experience with Web video technology. She has previously worked for Google, Mozilla, NICTA, and CSIRO and has been involved in creating the Web standards that underpin the Coviu technology. Silvia has a double degree in computer science and business management but has in the last 5 years worked with allied health providers, GP clinics and medical specialists to develop a telehealth solution that fits their needs.


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