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Getting clear about healthcare transparency: Lisa Maki & Noah Lang

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Ata . Clinical Decision Support . Apr 19, 2018

Mobile Health Apps – Navigating through the maze

In the last few years, there has been unprecedented growth in the number of mobile health applications (mHealth Apps) which are available in the market. In 2015, there were about 100,000 mobile applications under “Medical” and “Health and fitness” categories and by 2017 this number has increased, by more than three times, to 325,000. It’s not just number of mHealh Apps which is increasing their consumer is also increasing proportionately. In 2016, globally more than 500 million people used mHealth Apps which included consumers, patients, and healthcare professionals while by the end of 2017, an estimated 3.7bn mHealth Apps will...

Ash Kumar . HealthTech . May 14, 2018

Should I be afraid of my informed and opinionated patient?

After years of medical school, punishing study, and arduous training you finally sit in your office, finally a specialist surgeon. Your last patient of the day. You offer: “Having looked through your scans, I think this warrants a bowel resection, and I’m not sure keyhole surgery would be safe.” He calmly responds: “Look, I know there’s debate about the merits of keyhole versus traditional surgery, but the evidence shows that recovery is better with keyhole. That’s important to me, getting back to work. Do you offer it or not?” Medicine isn’t changing, it has changed - leaving many of us...

Dr Rahul Chatterjee . Digital Marketing . May 18, 2018

Elderly care in two health systems

After the passing of my father-in-law a few weeks ago the family slowly emerged from the finality of the death but what stayed with me was how we could have done better for him. He was a dignified man, as we know our fathers to be, how did we let him down so that his quality of life until the end was not perhaps as dignified as he or we would have preferred. This left me to reflect on my past experiences in the first world National Health System (NHS) in England and the private health care industry in South...

Anne Gregg . Aged Care . May 18, 2018

The Next Disruptions in Health Tech | Ask a VC

Gaurav Sood . HealthTech . May 21, 2018

Medicine and the rise of the robots: a qualitative review of recent advances of artificial intelligence in health

Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to significantly transform the role of the doctor and revolutionise the practice of medicine. This qualitative review paper summarises the past 12 months of health research in AI, across different medical specialties, and discusses the current strengths as well as challenges, relating to this emerging technology. Doctors, especially those in leadership roles, need to be aware of how quickly AI is advancing in health, so that they are ready to lead the change required for its adoption by the health system. Key points: ‘AI has now been shown to be as effective as humans...

Gaurav Sood . Artificial Intelligence . Jun 05, 2018

MediRecords partners with Queensland Health

In April 2018 MediRecords partnered with Queensland Health to provide a Practice Management Enterprise Solution (PMES) to 15 Hospital and Health Services (HHSs) across Queensland. MediRecords, a cloud-based SaaS clinical and practice management solution, will be rolled out in rural, regional and metropolitan areas offering private practice services operating under Granted Private Practice (GPP) arrangements. MediRecords will be used by over 2,500 administrators and practice managers to provide billing and claiming services across all Medical Benefits Scheme (MBS) item codes excluding pathology for over 5,000 medical officers. Several HHSs will also fully utilise the MediRecords Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and Scheduling...

Jessie Wong . Clinical Decision Support . Jun 27, 2018

Opinion: Applying 'Everybody Lies' to healthcare

Combining new Internet datasets to unravels human behaviour Based on review of the NYT Bestseller "Everybody Lies" by Seth Stephens-Davidowitz By Gaurav Sood   Do you have an inkling that perhaps the world doesn’t operate based the rules that you apply to yourself and those around you? That maybe there are deeper and subtler pretexts to contemporary behaviours of people, formation of cultures, and societal norms that may be explained with more certainty to a specific historical event? Maybe your job requires management of a political event, speech, press release, or economic policy change. Would you want a statistical basis for...

Gaurav Sood . Entertainment . Jun 27, 2018

Psychological claims at work: why they cost so much and why you need to prevent them

Psychological claims are devastating in a way that your workplace could easily miss — and these claims can be even more devastating for an employee suffering from a mental health disorder. Not only are there hidden financial costs, but the current passive approach of reacting with employee assistance counselling once a crisis occurs is resulting in a downward spiral that some employees will never get out of. During 2014–2015 there were just over 4,000 claims for psychological claims at work in Queensland alone. Collectively, they cost $52M in claim payments. However, there are hidden costs that are not captured here...

Dr Jay Spence . Legal . Jul 18, 2018