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Product Details is a medical crowdfunding platform which focused solely on healthcare fund; therefore all submitted patients are screened and analyzed by the Medical Operations team prior to the crowd-funding process. Through, potential donors can see the list of patients currently in need of healthcare funding, and doctors or hospital can submit patients to receive donation for healthcare fund through ensures that the money donated will go thoroughly to the patients to receive the necessary healthcare service. All transactions are available on the website and we provide details on patients’ needs and information regarding the patients on the website. In addition, we provide updates on the patient’s condition to donors. In addition, we also work alongside hospitals and public health office so that they can directly submit their patients; therefore we are authorized by the doctors and the patients themselves. The operational fee for WeCare.ID is 10% for every patient funded through Therefore the crowd funding formula is patient’s total healthcare cost + 10% management fee. The operational fee is utilized for marketing, IT, office and administration, salaries, along with other overhead fees. As for supporting business model, we collaborate with brands, retails, and companies for joint-campaign, profit sharing, and cause-marketing program to enhance engagement with potential donors and awareness to our programs.'s SEHATI Program is a membership schema program designed to support long-term care support for’s patients, assuring & insuring medical care of the patients. About 30% of's patients still need follow up care and medical supplies after receiving funding from Current insurance models (either from government or private funding) only focus on how to insure the patients when they are hospitalized but there is little effort to ensure their wellbeing and promote prevention programs for the patients when out of hospital, which could reduce the cost of hospitalization significantly. In addition, over booked and the endless hospital queue are still major problems that prevent people to go to the hospital unless they already had a major health problem. This program aims to reduce patients dependency/admission to the hospital. The service will be delivered on 3 membership schema, targeting both former’s patients and regular customers to pay for the higher services that will allow us to subsidize the long term care supplies for’s patients.


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