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We would like to showcase high quality science, research, emerging technologies, design, innovation and business articles for healthcare. Please write to us if you are a publisher, journalist, research institute, company or industry leader, and wish to publish on DigitalHealthX.

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DigitalHealthX aims to be the single source for news on product launches, investment, clinical trials, pilots, M&A, accelerators, incubators, government regulations, health economics, and industry partnerships in health innovation. Please write to us to share via our audience and digital channels.


DigitalHealthX aims to provide digital learning and ongoing professional development to our members. We wish to work with academic and professional industry bodies in technology, medicine, health, design, business, finance and leadership to to develop the health industry of the future. We look forward to spreading knowledge with you.

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We wish to connect the online and offline worlds through great educational, innovation and engagement events to foster the human bond and connections needed in an increasingly digital world. We believe in creating leading industry events that attract the highest quality thinkers, speakers, dreamers and ent